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While traveling on a business trip, electronics executive Courtland Gray and Shannon Crowe stumbled across Joseph Bentley Traditional Garden Tools in the basement of a hardware store in the small UK village of Uppingham. Both being avid gardeners, they instantly recognized the quality and design of the tools. It not being practical to pack and lug around on such a trip, they would have to wait until they returned home to purchase. Much to their disappointment it was not available in the US. And that is when the first seeds of Growe were planted. Armed with his knowledge and experience in manufacturing and distribution, and her passion for gardening and understanding of the market, the seeds very quickly sprouted and flourished. Within 6 months they were shipping samples across America and ordering their first container of goods.


Since the introduction of its first brand Joseph Bentley, Growe has continued its rapid expansion. Now a supplier to many garden and leisure retailers across North America, Growe continues to invest in products, promotions and people, to offer our customers the best service available.

We continue to invest in our brand portfolio, with product innovation being one of the core values of the Growe business. Each of the Growe brands is supported by it's own specialist brand management and sales team, ensuring products, packaging, promotions and pos are always evolving to meet and exceed the needs of the marketplace. Our brands are now attracting interest from major retailers and distributors across North America.


We pride ourselves in offering the best delivery service possible. In such a seasonal business, we understand that a few days of sunshine can affect our customers' needs greatly. Delivering these needs within 24 hours of their order deadline makes a real impact on the ability for customers to maximise on these seasonal sales.

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